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Septic tank installation

Efficient Septic Tank Repair and Installation

Are the drain lines leading to your septic system clogged? Daystar Excavation, Inc. can repair the trouble areas efficiently. Whether it's a basic sand mound system or a complex recirculated gravel filter system, we have you covered.


You can count on us to even install the Extended Treatment Package Sewer systems (or ETP Sewer Systems). Call us at 208-467-1585 with your need.

Viable aerobic septic systems

Conventional septic systems can pollute groundwater at times; the aerobic system is a more viable alternative. Aerobic septic system utilizes oxygen to work to its full potential. They are engineered to last longer and better.

Rely on our experienced technicians to do a fine job with your septic tank challenges.


We're open 24-hours for your convenience!

Installation and repair of sewer systems

  • Gravity and pressure dose systems

  • Aerobic and simple dosing systems

  • Gravity feed trickle flow

  • Lift stations

Licensed, insured, and bonded

Entrust your septic tank services to our seasoned hands. With over 20 years of experience, you can rely on us for dependable services. For your safety, we're licensed, insured, and bonded. Also, do check our demolition services.

If you reside in Nampa, ID, call us to install or repair your septic systems.


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